Written by: Sonny

February 3, 2015

So the first time I heard/saw 1 Million Cups was coming to Richmond I thought - cool, but who is Kauffman and what is 1 Million Cups?  As many of us do when we are faced with a question we do not have an answer for - google, here I come.  I watched a few videos of presenters and immediately was hooked.  Bright ideas, new ventures, collaboration - this is something I could absolutely get behind.  

The first meeting I went to, my friend Andrew Rose was speaking from compare.com.  Andrew and I did Tough Mudder together in 2011 and experienced a great sense of exhilaration and accomplishment covering that very challenging course in Wintergreen, VA.  Entrepreneurship is much like the challenges we faced on that very cold morning, full of many unexpected obstacles.  Many highs, many lows, and ultimately gratification when we arrived at the finish.  

Sitting at the VCU Depot Building (btw, cool venue!) it took me back to my first days as a business owner.  And listening to Andrew describe the journey, I immediately had a strong sense of pride for all entrepreneurs, to anyone that ventures out and takes a chance.  If you have a bright idea, the desire to take that idea and do something about it...DO IT!  1 Million Cups is that sounding board to share your idea, do your elevator pitch and have others offer suggestions and advice.  And most importantly - you can gain access to folks in the community to help.  

I've attended multiple meetings and have to say, I love what I am seeing from the entrepreneurs in RVA!