Written by: Vinnie

January 6, 2015

Jason with members of the RichTech Team

Jason with members of the RichTech Team

For all technology firms in the region, there is one opportunity to showcase your accomplishments and be recognized by your peers for those strides - It's the Richmond Technology Council's Annual Awards Gala.  For our industry, its the equivalent of the Oscars, the Emmy's or even the ESPYs!  Firms are nominated for innovation, creativity, and growth to name a few of the categories.  Being a previous finalist in 2014, the Daybreak Team certainly can attest to what an exciting evening it is and how honored we felt to be nominated.  

Of course, the event does not just put itself on.  There is a lot of effort, planning, and coordination involved that starts many months prior to the actual Gala.  Folks from around the Richmond technology community volunteer their time to ensure the evening is successful and at the same time - memorable.  This year will mark the 20th anniversary of this event and will give reason for extra celebration.  And from Daybreak's perspective, we are even more excited for this years Gala because Jason Peecook has been announced as the Chair for the 2015 Gala!  This is a great honor and with the years of countless hours he has volunteered to RichTech, he will be bring a wealth of previous experience to this role.  Surely Jason will carry on a successful tradition of exceptional predecessors like Rob, Mary Lynne, and Lori.

As members of the vibrant technology community we have in RVA, we should be proud.  There is tremendous innovation and a thriving base for top IT talent to flourish here.  The Gala is an evening for RVA to show of its technology swagger and I, for one, will be front and center with popcorn in one hand watching Jason MC the evening!