Our client is a premier law firm that was faced with two significant challenges hindering their ability to turn around pro-types to their customers in a timely fashion.  Additional resources would have made delivery more attainable, but the second challenge they were faced with was office space.  Our team proposed a local, but remote team specialized in quality assurance with heavy data management experience.  We rapidly stood up a team of seven QA Engineers and one project manager working in a remote location, but heavily connected to the firm through multiple channels / medians of communication, information sharing portals and collaboration.

We proposed an approach similar to test driven development with some modification and customizations to align with our clients' standards and approach.  This approach allowed for QS to be involved at the requirements gathering stage and working with the developers through all phases of the development cycle, rather than inserting testing at the tail end of development.  By being engaged at the inception point of development, we had very vital knowledge of the big picture, client and business goals which directly impacted our ability to be more precisely in-sync with the clients over-arching objectives.  

Our team was vital in enabling quality services and quality control for delivery of applications which enabled both the users and the law firm access to file claims for claimants for their respective losses.  e also Improved the subsequent processing of those claims from Claimants and Law Firms.  This was all achieved through better alignment with business rules for development and QA.  

Some of the specifics our team delivered on are as follows: 

  • Manual testing and for back-end testing we are using SQL Server and TFS.
  • Enhanced project deliver by identifying and resolving systematic defects.
  • Black box and white box testing to ensure integrity of data.
  • Functional testing of claims portal before roll-out.
  • Established best practices for QA with multiple clients of law firm.


Written by: Sonny

March 3, 2015