We’ve updated our resume

Written by: Sonny

November 5, 2014

Last week I was working with a candidate that is interested in relocating to Richmond.  Our initial interview was great!  He was very personable and it was almost effortless the way he talked me through his 15 year career.  Not to mention, he possess one of the more desired technical backgrounds we are looking for in Richmond.  The first client I shared his resume with declined him shortly after receiving my email.  I was shocked.  The feedback was simply, we don't see what you see in his resume.  Thankfully, I was able to pick up the phone and share my thoughts on this gentleman with the hiring manager and an interview was set up shortly thereafter.


So, what does this person's resume have to do with our website redesign?  Well, I feel a resume is representation of oneself and ones qualifications.  For a company, that "resume" is a website.  Its the first place anyone goes when doing research on a firm.  When we started Daybreak 5 years ago, I was so proud of our website.  Really only b/c when you typed in www.dbdelivers.com it actually took you somewhere.  The content was not as pertinent when we were working out of Vinnie's kitchen!  We tweaked it over the years and did our best to convey who we are and why Daybreak is different.  Having grown a tremendous amount since that launch date and we felt our "resume" needed to be updated. Our message needed to be more refined, more specific - Why Daybreak?  B/c there are a lot of firms out there doing what we do... 


Just like the 15 year IT veteran I was working with, you have to keep your resume current and ensure it is project your voice effectively!  Which is what led us to meeting Carrie Walters.  She has been exceptional to work with and we are very excited about the hard work she put into this adventure!  She captured our voice perfectly and we hope you spend a few minutes out of your busy day to check out the transformation of our site