A partnership we are proud of…

Written by: Sonny

October 21, 2014

When folks hear the name UNOS, they often associate it with the pizza joint.  And for those that actually do know who they are, they are rarely aware that UNOS is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia.  UNOS stands for the United Network for Organ Sharing and when I say they are saving lives every single day with the services they provide, it’s not an exaggeration.  As a technologist, what’s even more intriguing is that their IT systems are powering this life changing service.  The matching process from organ donor to recipient is a very delicate and personal process.  The IT department at UNOS takes a lot of pride ensuring this service is done with the utmost care and sophistication.  Which is why our team at Daybreak is thrilled to be a recruitment partner to UNOS.  Take a look at Alex Tulchinsky, the CTO from UNOS, speaking at the APIs conference in New York.  It will give you a window into the technology landscape at UNOS and what we can expect for the future.  Just fascinating!