When I joined Daybreak a little over three years ago, the draw was working with a team that does things differently - the people, the culture, and the relationship-centric approach.  What I did not expect was having to jump on the fitness bandwagon that my soon-to-be co-workers were so committed to.  For someone like me, exercising primarily consisted of getting up from the couch, hitting the fridge for a snack and back.  Well, maybe not that bad, but pretty close!  When I finally succumbed and decided to join these guys in the mornings for their exercise routines, it was humbling.  I felt like I was back in high school doing two-days on the verge of vomit 30 minutes in.  But, over time, I established my base and found the daily activity easier; almost enjoyable.  The exercise had the obvious benefits, I dropped a few pound, I felt healthier and I felt faster and stronger.  However, the benefit I am most appreciative of is how it impacted me over the course of the day.  I had more energy and I felt sharper with my daily work duties.  This was very unexpected and probably one of the most rewarding aspects of our morning workouts.  

When we heard about Active RVA it almost exactly embodied why we enjoy exercising each morning prior to the work day.  Having health and fitness as a priority, an exercise routine in our daily lives, it has made a tremendous impact to us personally and professionally.  

The team at Sportsbackers reviewed our company application and agreed that we have "implemented a program that promotes physical activity creating a culture of health and wellness in the workplace".  And as a result, I'm excited to share that we are now officially a Certified Active RVA Company for 2015-2016!  

In closing, If you work for us, are one of our clients, a friend, or just happened to come across this blog post - email me if you'd like to hear more our program (scott.staib@dbdelivers.com).  We'd love to share our successes and maybe have you join us for a workout or two! 

Active RVA Certified!

Written By: Scott Staib

July 8, 2015