Written By: Sonny

August 14, 2015

I want to thank everyone that came out on Monday to Jack Brown's.  The event was a TREMENDOUS success and the support from the community, our friends and our families were greatly appreciated.  The raffle proved to be a huge hit and six lucky winners walked away with some pretty sweet prizes! Thanks to Daybreak for donating the Nat’s tickets, Gift Card to JBs & the Apple TV; Sycamore Insurance for donating the Squirrels Tickets; Libbie Market for the gift card; and the Speak Up Team for tickets to the Flying Squirrels for tonights game which happens to be Speak Up Night at the Diamond (BE THERE!!).  

Scott, Jason, Grace, Ruthie, Melissa, and Nannette were on their game selling the raffle tickets!!  Big Kudos!

I’d also like to offer a special thanks to Jack Brown’s for allowing Vinnie and I to guest-bartend.  I’ve never bartendered before, so I can check that off the bucket list - but, man it was stressful!!  We only broke one glass (we - being me), only left a few small tabs unaccounted for (sorry Brent!), and didn’t leave too many customers waiting for service during the three hours we were behind the bar.  During those three hours, JBs donated 10% of everything they sold - how great is that?  Thank you to Brent and his whole staff for supporting us and supporting such a special cause!!

Collectively, we raised $2,400 in one evening!!!  Just AWESOME!!!

What can I say about Dave, Grace and their entire team. You guys are amazing examples in this community and we are proud to support you.  Its near and dear to all of our hearts and anything we can do to raise awareness and understanding of teenage depression is worthwhile.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with one final thing - September 12th; mark it on your calendar; better yet, go to the website right now and register for the Speak Up 5K.  My family will be there!  My son named our team, Team Darth Maul (yes, he loves star wars!)…Join us!


Let’s Finish This!