Written by: Sonny

April 1, 2014

Nearly 5 weeks ago, we set out to raise money for the Massey Cancer Center and that effort came to conclusion this past weekend. We formed a team along with a number of close friends and am proud to say Team Daybreak/MWG raised $5,880!!!

We accomplished this amazing feat with the help of five special friends. These friends were impacted by cancer in some way and shared their stories over email. Each week, we sent a new email out to our friends, families and acquaintances. These weekly messages were incredibly impactful to me. Raising money is not a new phenomenon and there are countless worthy causes that exist. And I’m not here to say fundraising for Cancer is more important than other charitable endeavors; but this year, what we have done through these very personal stories – its very special. Hearing about our friends struggles, challenges and triumphs gave each of us a very intimate window into their experiences and that is something I don’t think I will ever forget. So, Sathya, Clay, Paul, Correne and Holly – THANK YOU.

And for those that have read these stories and been so kind to open up your wallets and donate to Massey – I also want to say THANK YOU! As the administrator of our team page, I have to admit, I increased our fundraising goal 3 times over the past month! Because we just kept exceeding my expectations!

Gang, we put cancer on the run through your generosity and through the 6.2 miles we ran on Saturday at the Monument 10K!