SpeakUp 5K Recap

Written by: Sonny

September 12, 2014

This past Saturday was a tremendous success!  With thousands of participants and even more supporters cheering everyone on, it was evident that RVA understands the importance of this message.  Our support to the Gallagher family and the SpeakUp 5K is one that the Daybreak team was very proud to be a part of. Thousands of dollars were raised, but most importantly, the awareness around a topic that resonates with anyone with children was heard.  Offering our children the emotional support they may need, especially when they are faced with adversity like depression and sadness is not as easy to identify as a parent, friend or caregiver. The tools are out there and SpeakUp is a great reminder, as members of the community, this is something we should all be talking about and coming up with ways to offer our children the support they may need.  

Thank you to the Daybreak Team and everyone else that was out there on this 'beautiful day' (as Jason states in the interview from news Channel 12)!