Written by: Scott

September 20, 2013

Have you ever had one of those moments where something happens, unexpectedly, in the most inconvenient place or time? Well, last fall that “something” happened to me. I was out to lunch with the guys from work at our favorite wings establishment – BW3s, and there I was about half way through a dozen wings when something didn’t quite feel right. While getting a little overly aggressive on a drumstick, I managed to lose one of my bottom teeth! The only thing louder than my tooth cracking was the laughter of my co-workers! It wasn’t long before everyone one in the restaurant wanted to know what had happened. It was incredibly humorous for my co-workers, as they were not shy about snapping pictures of the after effects of my lost tooth.

But, for me, I had to endure multiple appointments to the dentist, a few calls with the insurance company and a couple of months later the Mandibular Incisor I had lost was restored and my teeth were back to normal. The entire process got me to thinking about benefits. More importantly, where I would have been without them? Thankfully, our benefits covered everything! And I also realized our consultants are afforded the same plan if they so choose to take it.

Sadly, most consulting companies in our space have long done away with health insurance coverage as a benefit…let alone a plan that covers the entire premium. Health Benefits once were a key component in attracting consultants to come on board, and now seem to have been discarded in an effort to bolster bottom line profits. I’ll leave you with this parting thought – If your staffing agency isn’t offering you basic health coverage – it needs to be given serious consideration – your physical and financial health depend on it. If they are offering benefits, at what cost is it to you? Daybreak pays 100% of our consultants’ healthcare premiums. That’s right – 100%, with nothing deducted from your check. Don’t cut corners when it comes to benefits, because you never know when it may come back and “bite you”.