Each year I go to the Women ETC conference and I leave thinking what a great day.  To have an opportunity to sit and listen to some of the most successful, influential women around the country pioneering innovation, disruptive technology and incredible leadership - its awesome.  This year, we heard from the CEO of HP, Meg Whitman; the founding engineer for mint.com, Poornima Vijayashanker; the head of serious gaming / gamification for business at IBM, Phaedra Boinodiris; and Courtney Ferrell was the emcee.  Each one of these women gave me a take away that I'd like to share.  

"Put a little struggle back in your life" - When Courtney Ferrell told us the story behind this statement I was SOLD.  She was spot on and in a society where we are racing to check off our to-do lists we glaze over the more challenging obstacles.  The harder the struggle you overcome, the greater the reward.  Run to challenges!

"Recruiting is brand building" - Poornima shared a number of stories that really resonated with me.  When a bad recruiting experience impacts sales for Starbucks you start to understand what she means.  For me, running a recruiting firm, you realize that EVERY encounter can have a future ramification; thus, you shift your perspective on the candidate experience.  A bad recruiting experience can impact everything.

"Whiners" - Meg Whitman makes it a point to surround herself with glass-half-full people.  Because there will always be adversity and challenges in business - you need problem solvers, not whiners!

"Define winning even in tough times" - Another gem from Meg; its easy to get marred in negativity when you are faced with downturns.  As a leader, you have to constantly re-calibrate winning especially when things are not going well.

Did I already mention that this conference rocks?

Best Technology Conference in RVA

Written by: Sonny

October 23, 2015