Position: Senior Java Developer

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Richmond, VA

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May 8, 2017




  • Ten (10)+ years of Java experience
  • Eight (8)+ years of Oracle database experience including familiarity with PL/SQL scripts
  • Five (5)+ years of web application development experience (Tomcat and JEE)
  • Five (5)+ years of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) experience
  • Spring Framework experience is STRONGLY recommended
  • MyBatis experience is STRONGLY recommended.
  • Experience working with code parser/generator frameworks such as Antlr
  • Experience working with automated build environments and tools like Jenkins and Maven
  • Experience with migration patterns from legacy data storage mechanisms to web based, more standard data stores.
  • Experience dealing with legacy style data stores.
  • Experience building java database applications. This experience should demonstrate a significant understanding of both SQL and java.
  • Developing and redesigning of the test harness for services
  • Developing and maintaining services including adding new features and developing generic frameworks
  • Developing a bidirectional synchronizer to synchronize data between the current mainframe and next gen systems
  • Performing requirements analysis and creating tasks in Rally to satisfy those requirements
  • Performing Software development tasks including but not limited to designing; coding; testing; implementation, and documentation
  • Providing scheduling/timeline estimates for task completion as required
  • Creating and/or updating Rally to accurately reflect hours spent on tasks
  • Providing weekly status reports to the TOM and others as directed by the TOM describing work performed and tasks completed
  • Providing documentation and recommendations for the acceptance or mitigation of any issues and risks associated with requirements, proposed systems, solutions, development, designs, plans and timelines that the contractor identifies


  • Knowledge of the potential problems that may arise as we move from DMSII to a relational model.
  • REST Service development experience
  • Knowledge of the types of problems that are likely to arise as a result of the legacy MCP architecture and code structure.
  • Experience building and maintaining a Java based, common software interface that allows application programmers to perform CRUD (Create, Replace, Update, Delete) operations within a relational database using java POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects).
  • Understanding of the common design patterns associated with standard object persistence mechanisms, standard persistence frameworks like MyBatis and Hibernate, an understanding of when to use POST & PUT, and how to (de)marshal objects between JSON and POJO.
  • Experience upgrading, updating, creating, and ultimately, retiring COBOL applications, particularly in a Unisys MCP environment. This experience should demonstrate a significant understanding of Unisys COMS transactions, MCP, and DMSII.
  • Experience developing REST (Representation State Transfer) based web services. This experience should demonstrate the ability to create services using standard packages like Jersey or RESTEasy.
  • Experience with designing, developing, and deploying applications on physical and virtual servers running under operating systems including, but not limited to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Windows Server 2003/2008.
  • Experience in the use of ETL tools, particularly in a migration from non-relational systems to a relational data stores.




Scott Staib, Senior Recruiter

(804) 432-0796

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