Position: DevOps Lead / Manager

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Aug 27, 2018




The ideal candidate would have DevOps experience in an Azure PaaS environment or Azure IaaS environment (MUCH HIGHER DESIREABLE on PaaS).  They have to have hands on experience in the types of containers (Blob, Azure SQL, Job Servers, Apps Servers).  The have to understand Team Services (Cloud version of Team Foundation Server); like for them to have experience in Continuous integration; continuous deployment;  Love for them to have come from a ‘developer’ role or have understanding of coding concepts; understand SQL environment to provide analysis of issues and recommendation.  A BIG Plus would be for the candidate to understand Azure monitoring tools to help in being Proactive in resource issues. 

  • Managing configuration in code, allowing changes to be rolled out quickly and accurately,and with less manual work.
  • Deploying software in smaller batches and more frequently, reducing risk of failure and getting new features to customers quicker.
  • Improving instrumentation and monitoring, which leads to identifying problems before customers report them, improving mean time to recovery
  • Promoter of Agile principles, methods, and tools
  • Metric driven and focused on continual improvement
  • Lead a dynamic team throughout the software development life cycle
  • Collaborate with designers and analysts to implement enhancements or new applications
  • Visual Studio / Azure Team Services
  • Branching
  • Code versioning
  • CI/CD
  • .Net website and SQL database Deployment methodologies
  • Security within code repositories
  • Build pipelines
  • Git
  • Creating Deployment packages
  • REST API knowledge
  • Ability to code and script
  • .Net
  • Powershell
  • Comfort with frequent, incremental code testing and deployments
  • Strong grasp of automation tools
  • Able to suggest and implement tools to help with coding, builds, testing and deployments.
  • Automation as the primary mindset for all tasks
  • Security
  • Usage of Active Directory service accounts website
  • Database
  • Code
  • A firm grounding in the agile methodology of project management
  • Ability to utilize Agile processes for projects and planning
  • Having a thorough knowledge of the IT operations and sysadmin roles
  • Fundamentals of database connectivity
  • Troubleshooting .Net website issues pertaining to code or configuration
  • IIS Web server installation and maintenance knowledge
  • Troubleshooting server level issues
  • Documentation of tasks, procedures, and design
  • Being a trainer for new processes to various team members
  • Azure cloud knowledge is a plus

To inquire or apply, please use the following contact for or call:

Scott Staib, Senior Recruiter

(o) 804-527-5295
(c) 804-432-0796

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